Monday, May 4, 2015

Aisle2Forever Relaunch

Hello everyone!

We will be relaunching Aisle2Forever and we are cooking a lot of interesting things for you our dear followers. More resources will be available as we help you plan your big day.

We hope that as we relaunch next month, the wedding month of June, you will be with us to celebrate the rebirth of this blog - exactly two years after the last post.

Mrs. Nielsen

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Stunning Bouquet Series 6

Wow! The days pass by super fast. We are now on our sixth installment of our stunning bouquets series. Let me load this post with pretty blooms and equally exquisite arrangements. Scroll through all these pretty arrangements to inspire your own bouquet on your big day.

If you missed the first 5 posts of this series, please scroll down below to see the links. 

Mrs. Nielsen

Monday, May 27, 2013

Zahavit Tshuba 2013 Bridal Collection

Wow! I gasped when I first saw this collection. I love how feminine the cuts are - truly fashion-forward pieces with a hint of classic elegance. The collection boosts of an array of expertly tailored gowns made from sheer fabric, romantic laces, gorgeous appliques. 

Zahavit Tshuba is the 2nd designer from Israel that I have featured in this blog. Her gowns are just too pretty and extra exquisite for words. Scroll down and be enthralled in your seats... 

Mrs. Nielsen


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